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The Ultimate Padel Experience In Malta

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Unleash Your Passion for Padel!

Right in the pulsing heart of Malta, a thrilling Padel revolution is taking the island by storm. This boom is spearheaded by the dynamic AGV Group and its vibrant brand, 1Padel.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2021, 1Padel has been on a mission to shake up the sport’s landscape. With sleek, state-of-the-art facilities located in Valletta, St. Julian’s, and Mosta, 1Padel is blazing a trail for the sport, attracting both locals and tourists to join in the fun.

Premier Locations with a Unique Twist

1Padel Valletta: Nestled in the historic Valletta Ditch, this club combines the old-world charm of Malta’s capital with the exhilarating rush of Padel, creating an unforgettable playing environment.

1Padel St. Julian’s: Set against the lively backdrop of St. Julian’s waterfront, this spot is not just a place to play—it’s also the social heart of Padel, buzzing with energy and stunning views.

1Padel Mosta: At the core of Mosta, this family-friendly venue is celebrated for its warm, community vibe, making it a top pick for families and friends alike.

Each location isn’t just a place to play—it’s where you can push your limits on specially designed courts that promise the ultimate Padel experience.

Find an outlet through an expressive sport like Padel.

Elevate Your Padel Game

At 1Padel, it’s not just about playing; it’s about improving and excelling. With coaching available for all levels, we’re here to boost your skills, confidence, and love for the game.

Connect and Conquer

Join our dedicated WhatsApp group to tap into a vibrant community of Padel pros and enthusiasts. Share tips, plan games, or even just celebrate your love for the sport—it’s all here!

1Padel, fueled by AGV Group, isn’t just leading the Padel boom in Malta. It’s also crafting a unique, inclusive, and high-energy sport culture. So as the popularity of Padel soars, we’re keeping the spirit alive, nurturing a thriving community that welcomes everyone.

Ready to Join the Padel Revolution?

Don’t just watch—dive in and play your heart out! Come feel the excitement and share your passion at 1Padel Malta.

Join us and book your spot now!

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