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Breathtaking Views in Malta

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Summers come with clear skies and beautiful views in Malta. Malta’s hilly relief makes for natural observatories. Here are a few places for enjoying the island’s natural beauty.

Behind the Mellieha Church

On the hill before the beautiful curvy road leading to Ghadira, there is the Mellieha church.

Behind the church is a cemetery on top of a cliff. Here you will find a beautiful view of the northern tip of Malta; and naturally behind it, Gozo.

At night the local cafe typically lights up the festun and here you are experiencing the Maltese Mediterranean ambience.

If the air and the shimmering dark sea gets to be too much of a temptation, you’re a walk away from the beautiful bay of Għadira.

The view behind Mellieha church. © Malta Tourism Authority

Top of the World, Għargħur

Maybe easier to go by car, you could also reach Top of the World by using the public transport to Għargħur, and then walking the few minutes. ALternatively you could get a Bolt.

For me, Top of the World  is one of my favorite places for views in Malta. The area has various different ‘levels’ where  you can definitely find a spot to enjoy the clear night sky.

The view from here is overlooking the Coastroad/Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq area. The area itself is very peaceful and it is backdropped with the lawn of the islands: the sea. Enjoy the soothing silence of this simple but amazing place.

Dingli Cliffs

The most famous of beautiful views in Malta is the island’s highest point – Dingli Cliffs. Again, it would probably be easier to drive here but there are a few ways to make your way to the cliffs. The Dingli cliffs  area is just one example of countless others in the southern coast of Malta.

On this side of the island there are quieter smaller towns or villages, with much less light pollution For this reason in fact, many people go to watch the stars from the cliffs at Dingli.

Apart from this, if you take a few snacks with you or order some food when you’re there, you can have a pleasant picnic dinner, with the sun setting on the Southern coast. This is truly one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in Malta.

Is-Swar tal-Imdina (The fort walls of Mdina)

Driving up to Triq il-Kbira (a.k.a Triq l-Imdina) at night in itself is a treat, and the beautiful warm lighting around the fortress lights it up as this beacon of history in the middle of the countryside of Rabat.

Walking through the old city’s gates and exploring its dimly lit quiet streets is something that never gets old. The place is filled with treasures and ‘easter eggs’ all around.

If you make your way through the whole of its main street, you’ll find yourself looking at all of Malta. Since Mdina is located a bit further down from the center, this makes the view from its fort walls truly breathtaking.

Especially on a clear summer night, it truly takes some effort to decide to pack your things and leave this amazing view of the island.

Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta

To end this list, let’s take one of the many beautiful observatory spots in the capital. The Upper Barrakka Gardens are in themselves humble and peaceful, especially when one is approaching them. When you reach the side overlooking the Grand Harbour and the Three cities, you’re suddenly looking at one of Malta’s most picturesque views.

Much like the forts in the old city, there are people of all kinds of ages in these gardens.  In all honesty, my memory of the Upper Barakka is seeing people being under the spell of this beautiful view.

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