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The Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Malta: What You Need to Know

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It’s no secret that digital nomads live an exciting lifestyle. Working in a dream location is much sweeter after all. And so many enjoy the exhilaration and challenges of working remotely and online from a different country. There are certain environments that digital nomads thrive in – one example is Malta. Here’s what you need to know to start considering the next leg of your digital nomad journey.

Why Malta

Our little archipelago in the Mediterranean has steadily gained popularity among remote workers and for good reason. Many flock to Malta for their holidays but increasingly so to start a new life here. Indeed we have seen a surge in demand from tech-savvy foreigners to live on the Island and work from Malta while keeping their jobs and work contracts abroad. It seems our country offers a combination of all the attractive elements that align very well with the digital nomad tick box.

Beautiful views enrich even the dullest task. © Malta Tourism Authority @ollygaspar and @hayleabrown


Malta is an English-speaking island nation located just below Sicily, offering the best of island life. It is very well connected by plane and sea to the rest of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. In fact, it is just a few hours away from the main European cities. Its small size makes all parts of the island easily accessible, and one may put in a day’s work and follow it up by a late afternoon beach and cocktail outing, within reach with a few minutes’ drive. Malta’s location means it boasts a great climate that enables a culture of the outdoors. Trekking paths by sheer cliffs, pristine sea and crystal blue waters hugging sandy beaches –  

Its time zone is the Central European Time, so office hours in Malta coincide with Asia in the morning, Europe throughout the day, and the Americas in the afternoon. This means conversations with clients and colleagues can happen at comfortable times during the day. 


Malta has a rich history, marked by invaders and conquerors who influenced culture, language, food, religion and traditions. The country’s abundance of heritage sites are also a living testimony of this history, and digital nomads will find a veritable outdoor museum to enjoy in their leisure time. From neolithic temples that are among the oldest in the world, to baroque churches and fortifications built by the Knights of Malta, to wartime buildings from the British period, remote workers and culture buffs have a field day. Our mild climate lets us make the most of the outdoors, with al fresco dining on the best Mediterranean fare, village feasts, art events and summer music festivals, high-brow performances – Malta offers it all.


As a digital nomad you probably want to make sure the country you’ll live in next can offer you important essentials:

  • Safety and security: Malta is one of the safest countries in the world with negligible crime and a society based on family values. It is a safe and stable democratic jurisdiction with a great track record when it comes to civil liberties. 
  • Language: alongside Maltese, English is an official language and the majority of the population speak it fluently. Moreover, English is the language for doing business. 
  • Connectivity: Malta has an excellent internet infrastructure with wide broadband coverage and nationwide 5G. Plus there are over 400 free public wifi spots across the Islands, besides numerous catering and hospitality establishments providing free access. 
  • Community: There’s a strong digital nomad community that meets up in co-living and co-working spaces. Meeting like-minded people from all over the world is easy if you join these active groups to network and discuss experiences, ideas and business.
  • Healthcare: With a good health insurance cover you get access to Malta’s reputable health care institutions, giving you peace of mind that whatever happens, care and cure are guaranteed.
Malta is perfect for fun activities with friends. © Malta Tourism Authority by @dreambeachmedia

Nomad Residence Permit

The Nomad Residence Permit offers non-EU nationals the opportunity to take their online career to Malta. If you are employed by a company registered outside Malta, or a business owner of a company registered abroad, or a freelancer with clients abroad, then you meet the first eligibility criteria. You must also earn a gross salary of €42,000 yearly. The permit is valid for a year, with the possibility of renewal three times, up to a maximum stay of four years, as long as all the requirements and eligibility are still being met. The application is also open to immediate family members. 

Your Application

How do you actually start your journey as a digital nomad in Malta? Applications go through Residency Malta. With an easy to follow and seamless online application. Check out the Permit’s eligibility criteria here to join other digital nomads on the Island.

If you fit the bill, round up your documentation and submit an online application here []. Your application is subject to background verification checks.

Title image © Malta Tourism Authority

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