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How to Experience Nightlife in Malta

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Malta’s little secret is out: the party season has officially begun. As soon as night falls on the glittering surfaces of the Mediterranean sea, the speakers come on and the cabs get busy. Nightlife in Malta is about to start. The island has been a hub for music and festivals for years. With entire regions dedicated to going out, the selection of clubs, bars and festivals is huge. Don’t let that deter you. Here’s all you need to know about nightlife in Malta.

Types of Nightlife in Malta

There are several levels to going out in Malta. These range from sophisticated dinners in new fashionable restaurants, beach clubs, bars, the Paceville clubs, boat parties, and obviously, festivals. These largely correspond to one or two designated areas, where you can find clusters of each type. However, location tends not to be a problem in Malta given its comfortable transportation systems. What we are referring to is naturally, Bolt. The app is the easies, quickest and cheapest way to get around.

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If a dinner with friends is what you’re looking for, you will be satisfied in Valletta. You can find some nice seaside restaurants and bars also in Sliema. Most boat parties tend to depart from Sliema as well.

Paceville, the Center of Nightlife in Malta

The most famous of all party locations in Malta, however, is Paceville. The infamous party city of the islands, Paceville is an area with bars and clubs door to door. You’ll find anything there from bars, to chique hotel rooftop parties. A word of advice: be prepared to wait in queues. For cult favourites like Footloose Fun Bar or Havana Club, there will likely be a swarm of eager groups clamoring to get inside. This makes for one of the most famous scenes of nightlife in Malta. The view down the main street of Paceville at night.

Bolt’s priority is getting you anywhere you need to be, fast, safe and cheap.

Yes, nightlife can get crazy in Malta, just like anywhere else. Remember to stay safe and not to drink and drive. In fact, just outside of the Paceville main area, a few meters away from Mercury Tower is an informally designated Bolt pickup spot. There are many Bolts waiting near this spot, so you will never have a long wait.


Another thing Malta is known for is its festivals. These occur in the months of summer and cover any type and genre of music you could possibly seek. You can find a jazz festival, a pop or rap festival, and even themed festivals that last for days. You’re very likely to catch a famous artist or DJ headlining at some event or other.

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The best advice you can receive about the perfect day of partying in Malta is to just do it all! First, enjoy a festival during the day or lounge in a beach club. After you get changed out and showered, grab a Bolt to Valletta, or Mdina for dinner. Finally, take one final cab ride to Paceville. If you’re lucky, the car rides can be part of the nightlife experience. Chances are your Bolt driver will play some great music to set the tone. If not, just ask! The Maltese are very friendly and hospitable people after all!

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