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Guide To The Best Places To Sunbathe In Malta

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Welcome to Malta, a sun-kissed archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Renowned for its rich history, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture, Malta also boasts some of the most idyllic spots for sunbathing. From golden sandy beaches to secluded rocky coves, this guide will take you through the best places to sunbathe in Malta, immersing you in a world where relaxation and culture blend seamlessly.

Malta’s Climate and Seasons: A Year-Round Sunbathing Destination

Ghajn Tuffieha Beach
Ghajn Tuffieha Beach


  • Mild Temperatures: As the island shakes off the mild winter, temperatures in spring hover around a comfortable 20°C (68°F), ideal for sunbathing without the intense heat.
  • Countryside in Bloom: This is the time when Malta’s countryside is at its most beautiful, with wildflowers and greenery creating a picturesque backdrop for coastal lounging.
  • Cultural Experiences: Spring also brings Easter celebrations, with traditional Maltese festivities that add a unique cultural flavor to your visit.


  • Peak Sunbathing Season: In summer, Malta transforms into a sunbather’s paradise, with temperatures often exceeding 30°C (86°F). The beaches and bays become lively and vibrant, drawing in both locals and tourists.
  • Festas and Nightlife: The summer months are packed with ‘festas’ – traditional village feasts with fireworks and festivities. The evenings offer a lively nightlife, especially in areas like St. Julian’s and Paceville.


  • Warm Waters: The sea remains warm well into autumn, making it perfect for extended swims and sunbathing.
  • Quieter Beaches: With the peak tourist season over, beaches become less crowded, offering a more tranquil sunbathing experience.
  • Hiking and Exploration: The cooler temperatures make autumn ideal for exploring Malta’s historical sites and nature trails.


  • Mild Climate: Winters are generally mild with plenty of sunny days, ideal for leisurely coastal walks and enjoying Malta’s outdoor cafes.
  • Off-Peak Tranquility: Experience a quieter side of Malta, with fewer tourists and a more laid-back atmosphere.

Malta’s Coastal Charm: Malta’s Best Sunbathing Spots

Ghadira Bay
Ghadira Bay

The Northern Shores

  • Mellieħa Bay: This beach is not just the largest in Malta but also boasts shallow, turquoise waters, making it perfect for families and leisure swimmers.
  • Golden Bay and Għajn Tuffieħa: These neighboring beaches are known for their pristine sands and are ideal for watching breathtaking sunsets, offering a picturesque end to a day of sunbathing.

The Central Region

  • St. George’s Bay: Situated near the bustling nightlife district of Paceville, this beach is perfect for those who want to combine sunbathing with experiencing Malta’s vibrant urban life.
  • Sliema Beaches: These beaches offer a unique sunbathing experience on flat rocky platforms, with the convenience of being close to urban amenities like shops, restaurants, and public gardens.

The Southern Delights

  • Pretty Bay: Located in the town of Birżebbuġa, Pretty Bay offers a blend of sandy beach relaxation with a view of the local lifestyle, including traditional fishing boats.
  • St. Peter’s Pool: This natural swimming pool is famous for its crystal-clear waters and is a favorite for both sunbathers and those looking for a thrilling dive from the surrounding rocks.

The Sister Islands: Gozo and Comino

  • Ramla Bay: With its unique red sand and rich historical background (including ties to the legendary Calypso’s Cave), Ramla Bay offers a sunbathing experience steeped in myth and beauty.
  • Blue Lagoon: This iconic spot on Comino is known for its vivid azure waters and is a paradise for sunbathers, swimmers, and snorkelers alike.

Beyond the Beach: Luxurious Sunbathing Options

Dingli Cliffs Malta
Dingli Cliffs Malta

Beach Clubs and Lidos

  • Café del Mar: Located in the north of Malta, this club offers a luxurious sunbathing experience with stunning views of the Mediterranean and an infinity pool that seems to blend into the sea.
  • Medasia Playa: This beach club in Sliema combines the relaxed atmosphere of a beach lounge with the sophistication of fine dining, perfect for those who enjoy basking in the sun with a touch of luxury.

Sunbathing with a Side of Adventure

  • Dingli Cliffs: For those seeking a more secluded and rugged sunbathing experience, the flat rocks along Dingli Cliffs offer a peaceful retreat with panoramic views of the open sea.
  • Fomm ir-Riħ: This hidden bay, accessible through a somewhat challenging path, rewards the adventurous with its unspoiled beauty and serene atmosphere, perfect for a day of undisturbed sunbathing.

Sun Safety: Tips for a Healthy Sunbathing Experience

  • Sunscreen is a Must: Always use sunscreen with high SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Reapply every two hours, especially after swimming.
  • Stay Hydrated: The Maltese sun can be intense, so it’s crucial to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.
  • Seek Shade: Take regular breaks from the sun, especially during the midday hours when the sun is at its strongest.
  • Wear Protective Clothing: Hats, sunglasses, and cover-ups can provide additional protection from the sun.


Malta, with its diverse range of sunbathing spots, offers something for every type of sun worshipper. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, a luxurious poolside retreat, or a hidden cove for peaceful sunbathing, Malta’s sunny shores won’t disappoint. Embrace the island’s laid-back lifestyle, savor the local cuisine, and immerse yourself in its rich history for a sunbathing holiday that’s as culturally enriching as it is relaxing.

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