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Residency and Citizenship in Malta

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In recent times, global mobility and citizenship options are becoming increasingly valuable. Still, the complex landscape of residency permits, and citizenship acquisitions can be daunting. Whether you’re considering a move to the island or exploring an alternative citizenship in Malta, having the right legal guidance can make all the difference.

In this article, we will explore the different options one can consider for relocating to Malta. Whether you’re a remote worker, a retiree, an entrepreneur launching a startup, or a high-net-worth individual seeking a second home, there’s a programme tailored to you.

Global Residence Programme (GRP) 

The Global Residence Programme (GRP) is a residency scheme offered by the government of Malta. It is designed to attract non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who meet certain financial requirements and wish to reside in Malta. This programme is particularly appealing to individuals seeking a better standard of living, and access to the European Union. Applicants must meet specific financial criteria. These include having a stable and regular income sufficient to support themselves and any dependents. Additionally, they must commit to purchasing or renting property in Malta. Applicants must also provide evidence of valid health insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents.

Malta Retirement Programme

For retirees looking for a peaceful Mediterranean location, Malta offers the Malta Retirement Programme. This is tailored to individuals from the EU, non-EU nations, EEA, and Switzerland who are not engaged in formal employment but rely on pension income on a regular basis. 

Nomad Residence Permit

The Malta Nomad Residence Permit is open to individuals who can work remotely and independent of location. In other words, they are not tied to a specific office or desk. The Nomad Residence Permit enables holders to retain their current employment based in another country whilst legally residing in Malta for up to a year. Holders furthermore have the opportunity to renew if the applicants meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants will have to show proof of a minimum gross annual income of €42,000.

Malta Startup Residence Programme

The Malta Startup Residence Programme offers non-EU nationals a 3-year residency permit to establish and grow their startups in Malta. The permit is extendable for an additional 5 years. This initiative supports founders, core employees, and their families. Naturally, it requires beneficiaries to maintain a physical presence in Malta, including residency and tax obligations.

Acquisition of Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation

The Acquisition of Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation means that one can obtain a Malta passport through a specific process. This is a long process for foreign nationals with no family ties in Malta. The requirements are many, including being at least eighteen years old, being a foreign national or stateless person, having lived continuously in Malta for the twelve months preceding the application, having accumulated a minimum of four years of residency in Malta within the six years preceding the aforementioned twelve-month period, demonstrating good moral character, possessing a satisfactory command of either Maltese or English and be deemed suitable for Maltese citizenship, amongst others.

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Article written by Ms Charlene Sciberras for Sciberras Advocates.

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