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Transportation Tips for Tourists Planning to Visit Malta

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Welcome to the beautiful, sun-kissed archipelago of Malta! Known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, Malta is a gem in the heart of the Mediterranean. As you plan your trip, understanding the ins and outs of transportation in Malta is crucial to make the most of your visit. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned traveler, these transportation tips will help you navigate Malta like a local.

Getting to Know Malta’s Public Transport

Malta’s Public Transport
Credits: Image by TripAdvisor 

The Basics:

  • Bus Services: Malta’s public bus service is efficient, affordable, and covers most of the island. It’s the most common mode of transport for both locals and tourists.
  • Tallinja Card: Consider purchasing a Tallinja Card, a reloadable travel card, for convenience and savings on bus fares.


  • Bus Routes: Study the bus routes in advance. Malta’s bus network radiates from Valletta, making the capital an excellent hub for your travels.
  • Timings: Buses are frequent but can be less so in the evenings and on Sundays. Plan accordingly.


  • Valletta to Mdina: Take route 51, 52, or 53 for a direct journey to the ancient walled city of Mdina.

Exploring by Ferry

Heading to Gozo

The Experience:

  • Scenic Views: Ferries in Malta offer breathtaking views of the coastline and are a delightful way to travel.
  • Main Routes: Regular ferry services connect Sliema to Valletta, and Cirkewwa in Malta to Mgarr in Gozo.


  • Check Schedules: Ferry schedules vary by season, so it’s wise to check them online in advance.
  • Enjoy the Ride: Use ferry rides as an opportunity to relax and take in the Mediterranean scenery.

Renting a Car – Freedom on Four Wheels

The Pros:

  • Flexibility: Renting a car offers the freedom to explore at your own pace, especially in less accessible areas.
  • Convenience: Ideal for families or groups, and for visiting multiple sites in a day.


  • Driving in Malta: Remember, Maltese drive on the left side of the road. Be prepared for narrow and winding streets in older towns.
  • Parking: Parking can be a challenge in busy areas. Look for designated parking areas or consider staying in accommodations with parking facilities.

Walking – A Slow Traveler’s Delight

Gozitan Countryside
Hiking in Gozo, Malta

The Charm:

  • Old Towns: Places like Mdina, Birgu, and parts of Valletta are best explored on foot to appreciate their historic beauty.
  • Coastal Walks: Enjoy leisurely walks along the promenades of Sliema, St. Julian’s, and Bugibba.


  • Comfortable Footwear: Bring comfortable shoes for walking on cobblestone streets and uneven pathways.
  • Stay Hydrated: Malta can be quite warm, especially in summer. Carry water with you during your explorations.

Taxi Services and Ride-Hailing Apps

Ride Hailing Taxi on Road
Credits: Image by Malta Today


  • Traditional Taxis: Available at taxi stands in major towns and at the airport.
  • Ride-Hailing Apps: Services like Bolt and eCabs operate in Malta and offer a convenient way to book rides.


  • Confirm the Fare: Always confirm the fare before starting your journey to avoid surprises.

Biking – For the Adventurous Soul

The Thrill:

  • Bike Rentals: Several places offer bike rentals, a great way to explore rural areas and coastal paths.
  • Eco-Friendly: Biking is not only fun but also an eco-friendly way to travel.


  • Safety: Always wear a helmet and be mindful of traffic, as some roads may not have dedicated bike lanes.

Traveling Between the Islands

The Adventure:

  • Gozo and Comino: Don’t miss visiting Malta’s sister islands, Gozo and Comino, each with its own unique charm.
  • Ferry Services: Regular ferries and boat tours are available to these islands.


  • Day Trips: Plan day trips to Gozo and Comino for a change of scenery and pace.

Accessibility Considerations

For Everyone:

  • Accessible Transportation: Malta is continually improving its accessibility features, including in public transportation.
  • Ask for Help: Maltese people are known for their hospitality. Don’t hesitate to ask locals for assistance.

Final Thoughts

Exploring Malta is an experience like no other, and getting around the island is part of the adventure. Whether you choose to travel by bus, ferry, car, foot, taxi, bike, or a combination of these, you’re in for a memorable journey. Embrace the Maltese way of life, take in the stunning views, and enjoy every moment of your trip. Safe travels and enjoy Malta, the heart of the Mediterranean!

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